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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Contest

This is actually some fairly old news, but since I've been wandering the halls at Abu Dhabi Men's College for various reasons, I've noticed the photography that's been up in the front entrance. This is remnants from the schools photography contest at the end of last semester. I think it's impressive, and I like the idea of the students getting into something and taking pride in an outside activity that doesn't involve something they can buy.

A few teachers pointed out that some of the photos are too good, too well timed, such as catching a man riding a jet-ski in mid flip. I prefer to avoid cynicism and say that for the most part the students took pride in the accomplishment of having their photos selected. I was in the room when one of my students received notification that his photo (directly below) had won honorable mention. His reaction was genuine and a joy to watch.
The next two photos were just pictures that I liked for one reason or another.

Lastly, here is the winner. I think it's a nice photo and gives a real feel for traditional Arabic life.

I offer my apologies for only providing crappy photos taken with a camera on a phone. It was my intention to provide a link where people could view the photos for themselves. Unfortunately, search as I may, I just couldn't find any presence on the web. They're possibly buried in some campus news story on the inter-college portal in which you have to log in on, but what use would that be? I really think that the organizers dropped the ball on what could have been a wonderful promotion opportunity.

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