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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


With Abu Dhabi being in a desert and all you wouldn't think that there would be many fountains. You'd be wrong. While I've never been there, I imagine that it's similar to Las Vegas. Almost every intersection has a fountain on it. Lining the walkways there are fountains every 50 meters. The parks have huge fountains. There are some pretty impressive fountains everywhere you go in Abu Dhabi. It almost makes you forget the enormous cost of desalinating water.

I was hoping to get a few photographs of the dozens of fountains that are around, but due to my poor photography skills and general lame-ness, I never got any good ones. Instead, I got permission from a friend of mine who runs a terrific photography blog of various sites in the Abu Dhabi area. You can click on the links in this description to get to specific photos or click on the link on the right under "My Links."

This first photo is a picture of a fountain found on the main thoroughfare along the beach.The second photo is of a fountain in a children's park near the mainland of Abu Dhabi.
I would recommend checking out his blog to see some great pictures of Abu Dhabi and getting a feel for the scenery of the area. I would recommend continuing to read my blog for the sarcastic remarks and an occasional bit of useful information with a funny link.

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