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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shrek 4

It's not big news that I took my kids to see a movie, though it was fun taking them to see their second movie ever and the first one that they saw in 3D. The interesting thing that I found was the fact that for the three of us we had to pay 50 dirhams each (about US$13.50) to see it in 3D. That's still not that outrageous, especially considering that's cheaper than the admission cost of a movie in Japan.

Originally the plan was for all of us to go see it and because my wife suspects that she would get sick watching it in 3D, to go see it in the regular mode. Because she wasn't feeling well, I took the kids and let her rest at home. As it turned out, if we decided that we didn't want to see Shrek in 3D, we would've had to see it in the Gold Class theater and pay 110 dirhams each (about US$30 per ticket).

With the tickets being priced the way they were, I was hesitant to get and food or drink, but the concessions were actually pretty reasonable. 14 dirhams for a pretty good-sized tub of caramel corn that the kids didn't really eat and 12 dirhams for a big Sprite that they fought over throughout the film. Overall, we had a pretty good time and I enjoyed my kids reaching out to grab the images that were coming out of the movie screen in 3D.


  1. Nobody's going to get sick going to a 3D movie. That's like saying you'd get sick eating a 3-year old hotdog without ketchup. You crazy.

  2. If anyone would, my wife would. She got motion sickness on a 3D-like ride at an amusement park once. Then I'd be in the uncomfortable position of making her wait in the lobby for the movie to finish and no one wants that.

  3. 3D rides at an amusement park are intended to give you the sensation of motion. 3D movies try to make it look more like real life. And in those possible moments where some intense motion is happening, she can take off the glasses.

  4. Not according to this article, Mr. Smartypants:


    Guess we'll find out for sure next week when my wife goes to see it on her own while I'm at work and the kids are at school. At least I won't have to be there when she hurls.


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