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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Killers

I went to see the band "The Killers" last night at the Emirates Palace hotel about a few miles away from my apartment. It was a good show overall. It was a great outdoor venue. Check out the pictures of the stage. As you can see from the second photo, there was a really cute girl dancing next to us.
The only real problem was that the organizers didn't seem to have a full grasp of the amount of alcohol that the average person person going to a rock concert would generally consume. They were not very prepared for the number of people who would be willing to pay $12 for a Heiniken and how many of these beers each person would want. I will say that the people working behind the bar were working hard, there just weren't enough people or taps to serve concert goers adequately.

As if paying ridiculous prices wasn't annoying enough, we had to wait in one long line to buy beer tickets then once the money was spent, there was the even longer, slower-moving line to wait in to get the drinks. Of course, by that time you were committed and couldn't just say "screw this" and get out of line.

Apart from that, the show was really great and even though there weren't any taxis around after the show, my apartment was close enough where we could walk home.

Thing to remember next time: drink more before the show and bring some plastic hip-flasks with some adult beverage. Lesson learned.


  1. How was the crowd? Older? Younger? Local? Obnoxious?

    Were you able to get in close to the stage without being kicked in the head or pushed to the ground?

  2. The crowd was younger and mostly "western." There was much more skin on display than you'd generally see around Abu Dhabi. No one was obnoxious. We stayed back from the stage, but I'm confident that if we'd tried, we could have gotten pretty close without any trouble.

  3. Do you always have to drink to have fun, Arron?

  4. I can have fun without alcohol, but I can have a LOT of fun with it.

  5. Did the band play "Ruby, Dont Take Your'e Love to Town"?


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