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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Nothing new has happened over the past few days. I started reading a book about the Middle East. I figured that I should learn a little bit about the place that I've committed to living in for three years minimum. It's written in a simple way that someone like me can appreciate with lots of pictures and signs telling me when there's something important to remember.

Lucas has started coming home telling us new Arabic words that he's learned at school. When we ask him what they mean, he just says, "I don't know." This leads me to believe that he may just be making words up. It may sound cynical to most people, but he used to do the same thing with saying "Chinese" words that were really just random sounds. I've no doubt that he will eventually pick up some Arabic but for now I can appreciate his imagination or laugh at his enthusiasm for saying words that he can't remember the meaning for.

Lastly, I got my nameplate at work the other day. It has my name in English and Arabic. At least, I'm assuming that it's my name and not some sort of insult.


  1. Name plate says 'Annoying Spazzy White Boy'

  2. Are there sharks in UAE to jump?

  3. The newbie shine has worn off and I don't have as much to say. That said Mike, I take your comment to mean that it was at least good at some point.


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