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Sunday, August 16, 2009


In most Arab countries, the weekend is Friday and Saturday which means that Sunday is the beginning of the work week. I was told last Sunday when I came in to sign some paperwork that I should get everything sorted as far as buying furniture, getting a phone and getting settled last week. This week, I needed to be here at Abu Dhabi Men's College Sunday morning to start work. I wasn't really given a time, but I figured that it was in the morning and that 8:00 sounded good.

When I was originally making plans to move out here, I figured that it's hot so I bought a bunch of short-sleeved shirts. I hate wearing short-sleeved shirts with ties. I then learned that it's a bit more of a formal atmosphere and most people wear long-sleeved shirts, often with a suit. I only brought one pair of slacks, one short-sleeved shirt and one tie, enough to get me to work and pick up my package shipped air-mail with all my work clothes and stupid short-sleeved shirts. The package hasn't arrived so I'll have to buy some new clothes. All of the long-sleeved ones are coming surface mail and will be here in a few months. ("Oh I won't need those until it's cooler") Right now I'm wearing a suit that I had the sense to bring in my luggage. I'll have to go shopping tonight.

After being dropped off at work by my friend and neighbor Gary, I wandered in and found the workstation that I had been shown last week. I introduced myself to those around me and searched out the people I imagine that I should be reporting to. One of the women sitting at a desk in front of an important-looking office gave me an envelope filled with office supplies and asked me to sign for them. After being introduced to people who I'll be having meetings with, I was told that that the schedules will be out in the next few days but until then, there's nothing I can really do. I'm enjoying the internet access but to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing that's work-related. I feel like I need to be here and don't think that it would be a good idea to leave. Time to go get some coffee or something.


  1. Good thing you have a blog to keep you occupied for an hour each day.

  2. Too bad you have to learn to dress properly at this late stage of life - i am sure you will still manage to look wrinkly and disheveled (not just your ball sack)

  3. I am thinking Mineko must surely have some clothes you cold borrow so you can avoid looking like Mr. Furley from Three's Company.

  4. Shouldn't this thread be titled "Sitting on My Arse Doing F.A. Just Like I've Done for the Last 10 Years"?


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